benefits to Comply your website With Google Webmaster Guidelines

7 Benefits to Comply Your Website with Google Webmaster Guidelines

Nowadays, websites and SEO are totally relying on each other. We create websites and consider SEO processes to make the efforts successful. One simple question to you, what did you operate at first on your websites SEO campaign? Probably a good amount of people will answer, “Yeah, I submitted my website to the search engines and the webmaster tools.”

Just like us, you would have submitted your website to Google Webmaster Tools. However, did you ever check what they were expecting from your site? You might not. Many times, we experience problems from the webmaster tools. Even how good your strategy is, generally we see no effective result from them. Do you know why? It is because Google could not get expected stuffs from your site.

Did you know that you will get higher priority from Google for complying their guidelines?

It is because Google loves to see the sites as per their recommendation. Therefore, we think following their guidelines would be a plus point to beat your search competitors. It is sure that not all of your competitors will be friendly with the guidelines. That is why it would be easy to simply outrank the competitors with some actionable guidelines. Let us see how to make it happen…

So let us explain how to be complied with the guidelines and the additional works, what you would need to consider.

#1 Add Value To The Readers

Sites are intended to provide value to the readers through quality contents. And that is what Google expects. They generally love sites that are focused on serving the best to the readers. However, unfortunately most of the businesses misjudge their recommendation.

Yes, it is true that without SEO there would be hardly any visitors. Therefore, we have to get involved in it after thinking about the visitors. We have to give higher priority to the readers, and then the others. As Google wants, we also have to think about visitors at first. Then, we should go for SEO and other activities.

#2 Make Fast Page Load Speed

Another recommendation from them is page-loading speed. To ensure the best user experience, it is necessary to improve the page loading speed. However, in our report you can see page speed has medium priority that is getting more improved speed.

#3 Add Sitemaps For Both Users And Search Engines

Now you have to add two different Sitemaps, one for your users, and another for search engines. Both Sitemaps are necessary in two different purposes.

User sitemap provides better user experience with a collection of important links. Here you have to add your important pages where the readers could look, and easily navigate to the pages. This type of Sitemaps is called HTML Sitemaps. Moreover, these are especially for users.

#4 Add Robots.Txt File

In sites, Robots.txt files are specified to control the indexing of pages. Sometimes, we need to exclude a page from being indexed. So what we would do? The better solution is to noindex it through the Robots.txt file.

That is why it is recommended by Google to specify which type of links should be indexed and which types should not be. Simply create a robots.txt file and you will be successful with this guideline.

#5 Add Alternative Texts To Images

Generally, Google could not read what is written in an image. Therefore, they always recommend using alternative text to the images. In order to add this, we have to add the “alt” attribute to the “img” html tags.

Here is an example of it: <img src=”image-source” alt=”alternative-text”/>

We have to add the most relevant text to the alternative text section to give an idea to the crawlers what the image is about. It plays an important role in SEO as well. Therefore, it is necessary in all purposes.

#6 Avoid Dynamic URLs

Google and other search engines cannot properly crawl dynamic urls. A dynamic URL means a URL with question marks (?), and other similar symbols. This type of urls is not friendly to both users and search engines. Therefore, the best practice is to avoid all sorts of dynamic url.

#7 Be Serious Of Paid Links And Nofollow Links

Expecting good ranking in search engines, many people buy links, which are supposed to be paid links. A few years ago, paid links have been strictly prohibited. Even, a site with paid link would be penalized. So make sure you are not among them.

On the other hand, nofollow links are those types of links, which don’t pass link equity. We especially use these for advertisements and other irrelevant links. Nofollow links are similar to paid links. Therefore, we have to ensure that the no-follow links are done for reasons.

Final Words:

We perform INTERNET MARKETING OPTIMIZATION mainly to target Google. Therefore, we must be complying with their rules and requirements. The requirements are not so hard, but implementing these would surely help you in any way. Therefore, we recommend you follow the basic rules specified, and we are sure you will see changes in your ranking.

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