Need to Invest in E-marketing

The Need to Invest in E -Marketing!

Having a structured digital strategy is one of the most important things you should be investing in this year, but why is Email Marketing such an important part of this strategy?

80% of marketers consider that email marketing is center for their business. Most people check their inbox regularly; therefore, E-Marketing should be considered a cost effective solution. It gives you the power to reach customers in a place they visit regularly.

Investing in E-marketing not only promote sales and draw new clients, but also builds credibility; it’s a platform to share useful and informative content that your customers want to read.

There is a limited amount of time to engross with your audience and have their attention – carefully look at your strategy and plan well meant emails that remain informative and relevant to your brand. You not only want your audience to click through the email, but also to engage with the content and read it, maintaining a successful E-marketing strategy gives you a powerful tool at your fingertips.

Pay Special Attention to…

Subject Lines

The subject line should be built to grab the readers’ attention, while still being applicable to the content inside the email. You don’t want to bother your audience with a catchy headline about cats being scared by cucumbers, only for them to click through to a block of text about why they should buy your most popular product.

Think about why that product is your most popular product, why are you pushing it and how can it benefit the reader if they purchase it. Construct a subject header that is to the point and engaging, but that still gives something to the imagination.

Any Device, Anywhere

E-Marketing enables you to reach people on any device, anywhere. But if it’s not responsive to the device, your audience will soon switch off and hit ‘unsubscribe’, and your hard work constructing a great E-shot will be wasted. Stay ahead of the time with a responsive email template to align your brands E-marketing.


75% of people prefer emails that contain mostly images; humans are very visual beings and we don’t want to be fishing through blocks of text to find snippets of information that are relevant to us.

Investing in an E-Marketing scheme enables you to provide your audience with regular, pertinent content about your brand, align the structure of the template of your emails to be recognizable with structured brand imagery.

Call to Actions

Don’t block your CTA’s, these are a key component in your E-marketing strategy to make sure your brand message is listened to and that what you are advertising is followed through with by the reader. The top three things you should be using to track the success of your e-marketing success are click to open rates, click through rates, and conversion rates.

Not only should you invest in E-Marketing to promote sales and generate leads, it gives your digital marketing strategy a personal touch that is easy to engage with. It’s a great way to derive immediate results, attract new clients and toughen relationships with your existing client base.

Creating your E-mail list using social media

Below are five ways you can use social media to improve the quality of your email lead list from basic to advanced techniques.

         1. Get your social media followers to cross channels

The easiest way to furbish up your email list with social media is to encourage your social media friends, followers and connections to sign up for your email list. This one may seem obvious, but many companies don’t bother tracking and engaging their leads across different channels.

Create a social media campaign that leads to a sign-up page on your website. You would be surprised how many quality leads you can sign up via sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn if you regularly engage social users in topical conversations and with value-added content.

         2. Use Twitter handles to find email addresses

You can also use social media handles to find the work email addresses of leads using an easy, but somewhat more advanced technique, called data appending.

These data append services can be used to find email addresses for possible leads found through social listening. To avoid becoming a spammer make sure that you provide a clear opt-out option when reaching out to these people.

        3. Verify your Email list with or without social media

It is a fact of email marketing that a sure percentage of people will sign-up to your email list using fake email addresses. Emailing these addresses will not only waste your time, but too many bounced emails will finally lead your email service provider label you a spambot and block your account.

You can use a number of competitively priced email verification services to take out the fake emails, for example Email Validator and Experian Data Quality.

        4. Reach people’s personal Email via Facebook

Most people are not aware that by default emails to their Facebook account are forwarded to the primary email address listed on the account. This strange feature is a legacy of Facebook’s failed attempt at becoming an email service provider in its own right. You just have to enter that person’s email address as

Typically, people open their Facebook account using their personal email address, so the huge majority of the time that is where your emails will end up.

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