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10 Digital SEO Trends – Apply today!

All you need to know about Digital Marketing StrategiesIt is vital for you to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to the success of your online business. While you may or may not integrate them into your future business strategy, too many online companies fall by the wayside when they ignore digital trends. Here are the 10 Digital SEO Trends that are currently having a major effect on your online businesses.

Video is King

The burst of video ads that has occurred over the past few years is only growing, and today many social media sites like Facebook actually use video platforms. With video ads exceeding traditional static ads, it’s little wonder that it is seen as the king of marketing trends.

While it does take significant effort to get into creating video ads, the payoff is considerable and growing. Thanks to the public appetite for video and what it delivers. Today, creating the viral video that reaches millions of customers is the goal of many online businesses and one that will only grow in the future.

Go Mobile

Over the past few years, consumers have been switching from computers and laptops to mobile devices to surf the web. For online businesses, that do not have a presence, either with a mobile or responsive website, are missing out on the future of the internet. With mobile traffic now exceeding that found on computers and laptops, it is imperative that online businesses find ways to reach these new customers.

However, it will take more than just having a responsive website. Online businesses will have to take advantage of mobile marketing trends by thinking mobile first and developing the experience for these users. Otherwise, they risk being left behind.

Segmenting Customers

Studying customer data is one of the hallmarks of online marketing trends, and that will only continue in 2016. However, one method that is growing strong is segmenting customers, according to the data collected so that you can better direct your marketing efforts. The good news is that there have been several tools developed in the past few years that allow businesses to better understand the type of customers that they serve.

Altogether, it pays to use the data to segment your customer base so that you can direct better marketing efforts of each group for better results.

Growth of Paid Content Distribution

Creating great content is one thing, but will people see it is another challenge. This is why paid content advertising has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. This form of distribution does require money up front, but the benefits can be considerable thanks to the conversion rate if you can provide the best content for your site.

Become More Interactive

Interactive content may have arrived in 2016 as arguably the most popular of all digital trends. This is the type of content that allows customers to fully engage in what is being presented and not just reading it. From quizzes to surveys to infographics and more, you will want to create more interactive content to help fully immerse your customers in the content that you are providing.

It is important because it not only provides better engagement, but also better value for your customers that they will appreciate.

Creating a One-to-One Relationship with Customers

The idea of creating one-to-one customer relationships is nothing new. However, thanks to recent advances it is now easier than ever. Email campaigns that used to have general titles can now be personalized by incorporating the name of the person that you are reaching.

The more you can personalize your advertising, the better you can reach potential customers or get repeat business. This is one of the hottest marketing trends for a very good reason in that it separates your business from the rest.

Increased advertising investment

Online marketing has grown more competitive over the past few years, a course that will continue in 2016. Companies are expected to expend $20 billion more on all areas of digital marketing than they did in 2015.

These are not the only trends we will see in 2016, but they are the ones balanced to have the biggest impact. As the old saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.” Companies should think about how they can integrate these trends into their marketing strategies now, as opposed to halfway through 2016.

No escape for an Outdated Website

The importance of a modern, pleasing, and easy to use website is crucial for your brand’s image, no matter how big your business is. According to research conducted by Google, the first impression of a web page occurs in the blink of an eye .Even more surprising, is that design, rather than content, shapes the perception of the website and therefore the brand associated with it.

Tools like pre-made templates for WordPress or Joomla and online have allowed the creation of modern websites with little to no coding knowledge in the space of hours rather than weeks. Not having the time or budget to design and maintain a modern website can no longer be used as an excuse for neglecting your web presence.

Virtual Assistant

Searching on the web is no longer the only option people can get information, they can simply ask their phones. In 2016, businesses want to ensure that their details can be found through the virtual assistance as well as are listed on the web. So marketing plans will not only include SEO and PPC, but also incorporate virtual assistance.

Brands Need to Get Personal

Regardless whether you consider yourself shy or outgoing; at our center, we all are social creatures. We address friends by their first names, or even nicknames depending on the level of our relationship. Our expectations for online interactions are no different.

Social media, new mobile technology, and innovative communications apps have led to an explosion of online interaction and a growth of our personal information. When it comes to our online identity and how it is used, we are an erratic bunch and expect companies to walk a thin line.

Whether you only have the resources to create a personalized email campaign, or have the support to develop web resources that are able to target specific users or customer groups, it is time to put a face on your customer and treat them as an individual.

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