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You’re Losing Money by Not Using a Blog

You must have probably heard how blogging is essential for successful marketing of your business. Without this, your SEO won’t get rankings, you’ll have nothing to promote on social Medias, and you will have no leads and customers. Do I need to say more?
It’s said that the longest journey starts with a single step, and so the greatest blog starts with its first blog post. So why every 10 marketer out of 100 does is ready with excuses when it comes to running a blog. Writing a blog has always been a nightmare for most of them. You know your niche, and you know you are good at it, but then what’s stopping you from writing? It marks your journey into the digital world. But trust us, its fun to write that first blog.
Your first blog should be notable, it should be fabulous, and it should set the benchmark for yourself and set the expectation standards for the readers!


Follow this simple formula to start blogging today!

1. Understanding the Audience

Even before you start writing your blog, understand the audience you are writing for. What do they want to know? What will it imply to them? This is where your buyer’s role comes into picture. Consider what your buyer’s perspective is, and their interests, while you’re coming up with a blog topic.

2. Create a Keyword Rich Title

By default, the title of your blog will be the title of your web page. Search engines give more importance to your page title compared to any other variable on your blog. Many marketers give titles like “The Seven Sins of a Website”, “Launching a hot blog” etc. But unfortunately this is not what your customers are searching for. Search engines give more importance to the first few words in a title. Examples might include, “Facebook Marketing: How to Generate Leads from the World’s Hottest Social Media Site,” or Women’s Hats: What’s Hot This Season.”

3. Write a captivating introduction

Captivating introductions captures a reader’s attention. If you lose the reader’s attention in the first few paragraphs or even sentences of the introduction, they will stop reading it any further. You can go about this in a number of ways. Tell a story, joke or be empathetic, or grasp the user’s attention with an interesting face or statistics.

Then describe the purpose of the post and address how it will address a problem te reader may be having.

4. Organizing Your Content

Sometimes, a blog can have a large amount of I formation to share for the reader and writer. In such a situation it is best advised to organize your content first before writing so that that user isn’t overawe with the length of the content.

To neatly organize your post, all you need to do is outline your article. That way, before you actually start writing, you know which points you need to cover and the best order in which it needs to be done.

5. Add SEO Keywords

For your blog to get noticed among thousand others on the internet, it is important that you use words that are most commonly searched or SEO Keywords. Implementing these SEO keywords is important for your blog to get noticed. Introduce them either in your introduction or conclusion of your blog. The SEO keywords must be used and inserted at appropriate places in your article.
This way your blog will appear among the top of the search results.

6. Share Your Posts on Social Networks.

Links from other websites and blogs increase your search engine visibility. Search engine is very particular about how much impact social media platforms have on your post. By sharing these posts through the social media, and getting others to do the same, you will drive more traffic and build awareness among people about your business.

To encourage more sharing, be sure to add any appropriate “share” buttons to the top and bottom of your blog posts, encouraging visitors to share your content.

Here we go!

If you’ve understood the steps above, learn about some way to take your blog posts to the next level in this post. What other steps do you take to refine your blog posts? Don’t forget to let us know your experience.

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