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New Methods to Protect Your Website from Negative SEO

The whole SEO industry encountered a noteworthy change in the course of recent years. Thus, numerous online advertisers have drastically changed their methods. Positioning high in Google for focused pivotal words is not as simple as it was three years back. Since dark cap SEO is increasingly hard to execute, and less and more averse to convey results, another kind of SEO Services has developed called “Negative SEO.”

What is “Negative SEO”?

Negative SEO concerns to the act of utilizing the black hat and unessential techniques to destroy the competitors rankings in web indexes. There are various forms of negative SEO attacks as follows-

  1. To hack a website Linking several spam links to a website.
  2. Copy and distribute the content to other websites.
  3. To harm your reputation through fake social accounts.
  4. Evacuating the best backlinks of your site.
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How to check whether your website has been affected by negative SEO?

Use tools like

  1. (Subscriber account)
  2. TrafficInviter (Free SEO Site Analysis)
  3. Majestic SEO (Pro version)

To check, whether your website has been attacked by spamming and manipulative link building

In order to protect your site from hackers, follow the following rules…

1)    Maintain record of all backlink profiles

By building low quality links, spammers can perform negative SEO. Therefore, it is very important to stop the spammers from being succeeded. It is important to know by using tools like TrafficInviter, Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer, you can check whether someone is building link to website. One of the best links is MonitorBacklinks which sends you an email alert if your website loses or gains important data.

2)    Ensure your best links

Spammers attempt to remove your best backlinks. By utilizing your name they contact to the website owners and ask them to evacuate the best backlinks.

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To avoid this, you can do the following thing:-

When you speak with website admin, dependably utilize an email address from your space, as opposed to utilizing Gmail or Yahoo. In this way, you can prove that you work for the site and that its not another person professing to be you. Your email ought to resemble this:

3) Protect your websites from Malware and Hackers

  1. Make use of a password which includes special characters and number.
  2. Take back-up of your database and files regularly.
  3. If your site allows users to transfer data, then discuss with your hosting organization that how can you introduce antivirus to avoid malware.

4) Install Google Webmaster Tools Email Alerts

Google will send you an email alert

  1. If malware had attacked to your website.
  2. If your website pages are not indexed properly.
  3. If there is problem in server connectivity.
  4. If you get a manual penalty from google.

5)    Check and Identify duplicate content

It may happen that spammers will copy the content of your website and will post to other websites, to make most of the content duplicate, which will affect the ranking of the websites. Hence check and identify duplicate content, for that you can make use of tool Copy scape. It is very easy to use this tool. Just to add the article or the website for verification and it will tell you if the content has been published.

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6)    Check speed of your website

Be sure if website is taking suddenly high load time, check whether someone is sending hundreds-thousands of requests to your server. If you didn’t stop this fast. It may happen that your server will get down.

7)    Don’t create online enemies:-

Never argue with your clients, because you don’t know to whom you are dealing with. Don’t create online enemies. Spammers do spamming for the following reasons:-

  1. To make fun
  2. To take revenge
  3. To outrank rivalry in web indexes

Though you had taken all the precautions, still your websites have negative SEO…….

Than to overcome this, follow the instructions:-

  • Make a list with all the backlink you should remove

Check the links on your site that were made recently, and pick the bad ones, so you can attempt to uproot them. Add labels to your bad links. Check all these links and try to find out which link is harmful to the ranking of the website and try to remove that link. Take a quick action to as you receive email alerts. As you didn’t know which look like spam.

  • Discard the Badlinks

Once you identify all the bad links, discard them. Contact to the webmaster of the website and ask them to remove your link.

Moreover, if you do more positive SEO then though your competitor is trying to do negative SEO to your website it will deny the effect of negative SEO.  

In order to become successful for any website, search engine impressions and website security are essential.

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools for creating email alerts.
  • Use for checking duplicate content.

Use monitor backlinks to maintain a record of backlink files, which will send you email alerts on receiving new links.

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