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9 Quick SEO Tips For 2016 to Achieve Google Attentions

Quick SEO Tips Every Website Owner Should Follow

When it comes to having an online presence, your small business does not want to be the best-kept secret. There are some basic SEO tips and tricks that all businesses should implement in order to assure that your prospects could find you when searching online for your product or service. I am not saying follow all these tips and you will be top, but they can certainly help.

Almost 90% of consumers looking for a service will go to the web to search for a company. If you do not have a presence, you are missing a tremendous amount of business.

So how can you, as a small business owner, make sure that your business is found online? Let us go over some basic SEO Tips and Tricks to get you found over your competition.

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1. Content is King, Links are Queen

Creating good quality, unique content will make or break your website. Make sure that your content is on topic, targeted at your niche keywords, and you will be a winner.

Links let the search engines know how popular a page is. If a page has lots of links to it, the search engines will see that there is useful content on this page which people are liking, so will rank this higher in the search results. However, as links are important, it is the quality of links over quantity of links. One link for a big major website holds more weight that than 20 links from smaller more less known websites.

2. Planning For SEO

Do not start your website without planning SEO. This goes down to page title, URL, description, keyword density, use of flash, and use of JavaScript, all this must be planned before starting on your website.

3. Get a Blog

Search Engines like fresh content and fresh pages, the best way to have this in place is for your website to have a blog, and keep it updated regularly. Updating your blog will add new pages to your site, which will increase the entry points to your site. Updating a blog will also tell the search engines that this page is new fresh content.

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4. Robots.txt

Use the robots.txt to stop the search engine from crawling, and indexing pages you do not want indexed such as admin pages.

5. Title Tag

More important than header tags is the page title tag. This text will be displayed on the search engine.

6. Use Social Media for Indexing

If you can get a link on big websites, your pages will be crawled quicker. This is because search engines crawl these websites more often than smaller websites. Search engines will see your link, and follow through to your website and then will crawl your website. However, the social media sites know this is a trick some website owners use so do not spam these websites with your links. The best thing to do is try to get your visitors to post your links.

7. Optimize the Website for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices account for a larger percentage of web searches every day.

Check Google Analytics for your site’s data. Mobile users hit the back button very quickly if a site does not load fast enough or if the site is not easy to use on a mobile device. Plan to lose half or more of potential customers if the site is not mobile optimized.

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8. Improve the Website’s loading Speed.

How fast a page loads is a ranking factor. Equally important, people are impatient and will not wait.

About 40% of consumers will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load, and 50% expect a site to load in less than two seconds.

With an SEO checklist, this may be the hardest problem to fix but is critically important. Some possible problems include:

  • Too many or too large images;
  • Slow-loading video, especially if the video is embedded from another website
  • Too much “flashy stuff”
  • Bulky and inefficient code
  • The server is too slow.

9. Online Reviews are a Must

Online reviews are so important for small business owners, and the more you have the better. Online reviews are social proof to not only potential customers, but also to the search engines. Look to have as many online reviews as possible from as many different review sites as possible.

Many of the top review sites want consistent fresh reviews being left frequently, thus make it part of your marketing practice to encourage clients you’ve just performed a service for to leave you a review.

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